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Extending your office collaboration suite with mash-up applications, workflow and mobile.

Do you want to reduce your overall office collaboration suite costs by an order of magnitude? Put your office collaboration functionality on mobile devices? Compose outcome focused applications incredibly quickly?

Cordys Process Factory is the ultimate “Enterprise Mash-up Platform” that allows you to easily develop and use process-centric cloud applications to solve your business needs. Cordys benefits include:

No upfront investments: No need to invest heavily in computing equipment, installation costs and other services.

Enterprise Ready: High performance, secure and multi-tenant cloud platform.

No Coding: Develop MashApps by dragging and dropping. MashApps are immediately deployable.

Bridging on-premise and Cloud: On-premise data can be brought into your cloud environment, using web services.

Google Apps Integration: Integrate your applications with your Google Apps for Business account.

Customer Case Studies

Quattrowave selected the Cordys Process Factory platform-as-a-service(PaaS) to build high value cloud applications and new HR services to their customers.

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Valeo selected Cordys to add workflow and Business Process Management(BPM) to Google Apps and to integrate Google Apps with their enterprise software for 32,000 internet connected employees.

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Replace Lotus Notes

Running Lotus Notes applications and workflows on premise is costly as it requires a lot of infrastructure and administration. More importantly as there’s hardly any visibility on what applications have been built across your organization, the amount of duplicates is driving the cost even higher. Last but not least, on premise systems like Lotus Notes do not support the type of collaboration that your employees need, to increase personal productivity. Cordys addresses these challenges with a platform that helps you to move Lotus Notes applications to the cloud.

With Cordys Process Factory users can easily and quickly compose applications using workflow, enterprise data and other information and services from the cloud. These applications can then be used on your workforce’s mobile devices as well as their desktops. Combined with Google Apps, Cordys offers unparalleled power for office in cloud.

Bring workflow, mobile and new applications to Google Apps

Enterprise Partner - Google As an official Google Enterprise Partnerâ„¢ Cordys delivers cloud-based workflow and mobile capabilities to the Google Appsâ„¢ suite. Along with workflow, Cordys also allows new enterprise applications to be easily composed on top of Google Apps giving improved collaboration and greater productivity.

Cordys Process Factory supports organizations using Google Apps as part of their key business processes in order to reduce IT cost and achieve faster operational improvements

0 to Cloud in 9 Minutes

Demo that shows you how to build a cloud application with Cordys

Analyst Coverage

Cordys Recognized in PaaS Market Report

Forrester's Wave report assessed the top ten PaaS vendors on a 149-criteria evaluation of their strategy, current offerings, and market presence. The report is based on an analysis of data from vendor surveys, product demos and customer reference calls.

In the evaluation, Forrester identified that Cordys "supports multiple business models of services providers and system integrators" and also stated that the PaaS offering of Cordys "provides extreme competitive value for ISV's without existing code that is intended to be migrated into the PaaS offering."

Cordys Process Factory is targeted to serve end users, ISVs and cloud service providers with a high productivity cloud development platform.

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Forrester PaaS wave for Users

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Forrester PaaS wave for Vendors

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